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    My status
    Wuyue is the first maker in China who focuses on researching, producing, and selling high temperature melt pressure measuring instruments, products include: High temperature melt pressure sensor, High temperature melt pressure transducer/transmitter, Instant pressure needle instrument, Normal temperature pressure transducer, Intelligent digital pressure gauge, which are applied to measure and control the pressure as well as temperature of those high temperature fluid medium of extruders for such as fiber, polyester, rubber, plastics. We dedicated to provide the world class melt pressure transducer, and till now our products have been widely used as the perfect substitutes of the world's famous brands such as DYNISCO, GEFRAN, RKC, etc.what we have achi…



    Export contact
    Name: Hubei Wuyue Sensor Co.,Ltd
    Address: NO.2,Xiaotian Road,Xiaogan City,Hubei Province,China


    Fax: 86-0712-2456456
    Mobile: Ken:86-15072607488 Husoon:86-13581458981
    Email: wuyue929@126.com
    Website: http://www.hbyjss.com